SmallWorld is a collaborative workplace for passionate, ideas oriented youth while providing access to an enjoyable and productive work environment. We serve as a support center for start-up business ventures assisting in the earliest stages of development. We offer a fun place to be where young entrepreneurs can learn, test and launch new ideas in an open, casual environment.

SmallWorld Cambodia was founded in 2011, and has since been operating with the wholeheartedness of four passionate co-founders. The SmallWorld project is supported by a group of local and international advisors, with a wide range of experience and expertise available in technology, business, tourism and entertainment. We're here ready to serve you today with a friendly and experienced staff, or just drop in anytime to take a look around and visit for a while.
Explore our photo album here, and our video library here. There is also an infographic library here, and you can read through our main blog here. Enter your email address and name in our address book to receive periodic and newsworthy emails notices! For registered users, we have an administration panel here (username and password required).
We know our success is all about teamwork and collaboration, and our aim is to network with you. Establish a connection with us by scrolling to the bottom of this screen and visiting one of the many social networking pages we've setup for you!

Dig deeper beneath the icons and you'll find an email address and Skype account to make direct contact now. Or send us a short message here. We'll write back soon!
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