We provide a convenient, secure, and easy to use means of exchange for donors and nonprofit recipients. The Nonprofit Recycling Network is focused on the productive transfer and reuse of office and school technology.

We're here for schools, churches, learning and activity centers, teachers, counselors, technicians, community leaders and organizers who hold interests in reusing useful equipment. We make it easy to keep good, used technology out of the waste stream while putting it back into service where it can help the most.


When a donor gives something to someone who asks for it, rather than dumping it on anyone willing to take it, odds are the gift will be appreciated and returned to productive service. Our aim is to minimize good, useable technology from ending up as an idle asset, useless trash or salvage. Through our network of nonprofit participants we provide a convenient, secure, and confidential means of giving, allowing prospective donors to offer items to nonprofit causes.

For some it's important to know where their gift ends up, and that it's returned to service with a nonprofit cause with which they identify. Others may seek a tax allowance or simply want to perform an act of giving. This unique and innovative service performs a small but vital role for growing nonprofits, as well as for the earth and our environment.

Test-drive our free service today. We made it easy for you requiring NO login or password, and one simple form. Offer to donate any useable items a growing nonprofit organization may need.


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